Computers, Code, and Stuff

About Me

I live in Portland, Oregon, USA. My biggest passion is programming. I've also developed a reputation as an information sponge. I've worked, previously, as a programmer developing data-mining software, as a programmer developing a package-tracking system for a delivery company, and as a test engineer testing Fibre Channel over Ethernet technology at Intel. Most recently, I developed the web server backend for an eCommerce iPhone app.


When I was 8, I started to teach myself how to program. I figured out how to get the example BASIC programs in my elementary-school textbooks to run using the GW-BASIC interpreter included with an old 286 computer. When I was 12, I got a hand-me-down 486 with a more recent version of DOS, and taught myself QBasic. At later stages, I learned to develop with Visual C++ 6, and Linux, learning Perl, Python, and Java. By the time I became an adult, I was well-versed enough in programming to teach others the basics.


My main development machine is a 2016 15" MacBook Pro. Visual Studio Code is my main text editor. I have VMware Fusion to run virtual machines with Linux, various BSDs, and Windows for cross-platform development and testing. Though I focus on Fedora, macOS and Windows. I synchronize between the various system with PowerShell Core and Git both over SSH. My favorite languages to code in are C++, Python, and C#, but I enjoy coding in almost every language I touch. When I develop C or C++ projects, I use CMake and Ninja to manage building.

(Human) Languages

When I was 14 I started teaching myself Japanese. I was a big fan of video games at the time, and there were some that I wanted to play there were text-heavy, and only available in Japanese. In high school, I took French, and I've since expanded into many other languages. As of 2016, I'm learning Esperanto.